Who's ready for some winter fun in Frankenmuth? Zehnder's Snowfest is coming back to Michigan's Little Bavaria beginning Jan. 25 through Sunday, Jan. 29.

Snowfest has taken place in Frankenmuth for over 30 years and this wonderful festival features beautiful snow sculptures and incredible ice carvings. It certainly is something to see.

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Some of the major events taking place during Snowfest are as follows, courtesy of mlive.com:

  • World Class Double & Single Block Snow Sculpting Championships
  • State of Michigan Snow Sculpting Competition
  • High School Snow Sculpting Competition
  • 100-Block Ice Carving Exhibition
  • Collegiate Alumni Ice Carving Competition

This sounds like so much fun. I love looking a ice sculptures, especially when they are so breathtaking to look at. You have to be such an expert at ice sculpting to form something spectacular for Michiganders to look at.

Here's the best part of Snowfest at Little Bavaria in Frankenmuth, admissions is free. That's right, free admission to check out snow and ice sculptures throughout the downtown Frankenmuth area.

Are you ready for all the extra activities taking place at Snowfest? They will feature entertainment in the warming tent, plus a petting zoo for the kids, along with plenty of children's activities.

And of course you can enjoy a delicious Frankenmuth chicken dinner while you're there with your entire family. By the way, the chicken dinner is not free, but it is absolutely delicious.

Have you ever wondered how long it actually takes to make an ice sculpture?

Anywhere from three to twelves hours. That's the average time it takes to create a high quality ice sculpture.

Ice sculpting is such an amazing art form that requires the right tools, temperature, patience, and skill set to create a masterpiece for all to see. Please make the trip to Snowfest between Jan. 25 and Jan. 29 in Frankenmuth, and take lots of pictures. Have fun!

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