Okay, so I came across a list of the weirdest foods in all fifty states by World Population Review. I immediately scrolled down to see what they had listed for Michigan. I took one look and said “are you freakin’ kidding me? That’s the best you could come up with for the weirdest food in Michigan?” I whole-heartedly disagree.

Their answer:
Dessert nachos. Tortilla chips with chocolate-covered cherries, cinnamon, smoked-chocolate-cherry Nutella sauce, sprinkles, sugar, and whipped cream.

That’s it? That’s not so weird. We have many other weird food concoctions that deserve higher praise than ‘dessert nachos’. Okay, let me change the wording a little. I think it should read “The Most Unique Michigan Foods”…..not ‘weird’.

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Like what? How about:
Mackinac Island Fudge
Smoked Whitefish
Superman Ice Cream

…all good stuff but not weird. When it comes to totally weird Michigan foods, it’s usually something that has been homemade from the fruits of someone’s hunting labors…or roadkill:

Bear steaks
Fried beaver
Muskrat casserole
Ox tongue
Pig snouts
Pigeon Pie
Pork brains with milk gravy
Raccoon tenders
Smoked carp
Squirrel Pie

And then comes the stuff you find growing naturally:
Dandelion greens (nasty stuff if they grow too large)
Moss salad
Pussy willows
Tree bark

Who eats that stuff?

Yeah, I’ve eaten some weird foods here in Michigan…I think we all have. Have you ever tried beef tongue? Or don’t you want to taste something that can taste you back? It’s actually good if you cook it right.

Going back to the beginning of this article, I think the author at World Population Review couldn’t find anything truly weird – just unique. And also, all those other things I mentioned, you can get just about anywhere.

Now, if you really wanna see some other totally weird foods in other states like livermush, scorpion lollipops, brain sandwiches, cotton candy burritos, boiled rat, barbecued muskrat, rattlesnake, chop suey sandwich, pickle pie and many other tickle-your-tummy treats, check out the complete list here. You’ll also discover what state brags about all the roadkill they legally and commonly eat.

Bon appetit.

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