Every once in a while you'll hear a phrase that came out of your mouth and instantly regret it. Sometimes the regret begins the instant you begin saying it and you're left in your head thinking about the ramifications and you haven't even put the verbal punctuation on the statement yet.

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These delayed moments of self-awareness are often accompanied by awkward silences, blank stares, or even laughter. The latter seems to happen more in social settings when you feel words falling from your lips that instantly date you. Like a 'Born On' date for your coolness.


These are sayings that were part of our everyday life growing up in Mid-Michigan in the 90s. You know, the classics:

  • No duh!
  • You go, Girl!
  • Talk to the hand
  • Page me
  • NOT!!!!!!!!
  • As, if....
  • All that and a bag of chips (I always wondered what kind and how big of a bag?)

These phrases, like many before them and many after, died a quick but often awkward death. For every 'Wazzup' there is a 'Can you hear me now?' following quickly behind it.


But some phrases have been around way too long and need to be taken out by a group of angry Michiganders. These are words that when put together instantly make a Mitten State resident want to grind their teeth. Like "Welcome to Ohio" but not as potent.

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These are phrases that have been so overused that when they are used, eyes are in danger of rolling so far back into someone's head that they need corrective surgery. Let's work together as a community so that these words will never be put together in a similar order ever again.

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