Sometimes, you need to laugh (or look busy at your desk, no judgment here) and thanks to social media it's now easier than ever. Let's take a look at 11 Tweets That Speak to Your Inner Michigan:

Yeah, No, Yeah: Twitter Speaks What Many in Michigan Think

Living in Michigan takes a special kind of approach (and coats, lots of coats). You want to be friendly but not overly so. However, when we do step out of our introverted Mid-West selves for a moment, we don't ask for much in return:

In the Mitten, we have an almost unnatural love for a certain condiment:


Every tool has it's job and they need to be treated right, like double-clicking a pair of tongs when you pick them up:

As good neighbors, we need to keep an eye on each other:


If there is a person within 100 yards of a door you are entering and there is a chance that person might be coming through the same door, you HAVE to hold it. And if you are the person for whom the door is being held, you have to move your arms as if you are running while not actually moving any faster:

We apologize for nearly everything in the Great Lakes State. Why? I'm sorry but, I don't really know.


We are in a constant state of worrying that you'll think we are rude by leaving your home:

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Because for as many times as we've held the door for someone else, we know the proper way to react when one is being held for us:


We can have nice things, we just have to explain how we were able to afford it:

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If you are new to Michigan, here is a starter kit to help you blend in:

We will show you pictures of anything, but mostly kids and food:

And finally, how to dress for a day in Michigan:


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