I can't speak for everyone but, I am drawn to the perceived simplicity of Amish life. No worrying about after-hour emails, servers crashing, or phones ringing during family dinner. It's this curiosity, and a bit of envy, that has led me to learn more about their way of life here in Michigan. Maybe that's why you're reading this too.

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There are approximately 11,000 Amish in Michigan, scattered throughout the state:

  • Quincy, Michigan
    • Roughly 150 Swiss Amish households
  • Branch County, Michigan
    • 5 different Amish communities call Branch County home
  • Hillsdale County
    • Hillsdale has 2 Amish settlements, including Camden
  • Mio, Oscoda County
    • Though the community in Mio is small, it was once home to an Amish community that lasted 5 decades.
  • Upper Peninsula
    • There is a single community in Mackinac County

The largest community of Amish found in Michigan is also the first settlement in the state.

Where Was Michigan's First Amish Settlement?

Amish Horse and buggy in Centreville, Michigan, the state's first Amish Settlement.

In 1895 the Amish first arrived in Michigan and eventually made their first settlement in Centreville in St. Joseph County. The Swish Amish were once part of Indian settlements in Adams and Allen counties.

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These settlers were eventually joined by a group of German Reformed Amish, and their descendants still live in Centreville, Michigan today. There are roughly 1,500 individuals and 11 church districts. A new district could be added if an existing one becomes too large. Many Amish communities begin to think about splitting once they reach 40 or so families in a district.

Amish Horse and buggy in Centreville, Michigan, the state's first Amish Settlement.
Randy Fath via Unsplash

Contrary to popular belief, these Amish communities are not frozen in time. Their rules have evolved, including using phones, accepting rides, and other changes made throughout the decades.

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The Centreville Amish community is still thriving today, working side by side with their sister church in Lagrange and Elkhart Counties, putting their skilled trades to use by building Recreational Vehicles (RVs) in area factories. Keep reading for more on Amish life in Michigan.

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