WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property. 

In the summer of 2023, vandals made the headlines in Detroit: someone had entered the closed-down Embassy Suites Hotel, trashed it, destroyed property, and threw furniture and objects out broken windows. The owner was ordered by a judge to put up a fence but it's doing no good. A hole was cut, big enough for humans to squeeze through, and the vandals, trespassers, and looters had – and are probably still having – a field day.

At nine stories tall, the intruders – mostly juveniles – enjoy going to the very top and pitching things down to the ground.

Since the hotel permanently closed in 2019, this has been going on. Finally, police issued a warning: get caught in here and you'll get slammed with a 90-day jail sentence, two years probation, and fines.

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Since the owners filed bankruptcy, who knows what will come next. Renovation? Grand re-opening? More vandalism and looting? Demolition? Currently it's turning into an eyesore off 696 at Franklin & Beck roads.

Usually when 'explorers' enter abandoned, deserted buildings, some may be trespassing, but most of them have the courtesy of simply look around and record the surroundings. Brazenly, a group of vandals recorded themselves pitching furniture, destroying, and eventually walking out with a few stolen items. You can see that video after the photo gallery below.

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