It’s a pretty sad state of affairs when, after a major tragedy like the recent splash pad shooting in Rochester Hills, less than 48 hours after it happens police already have to warn people not to fall for scams involving the victims.

This is a subject that’s a little bit too close to home, as the shooting took place less than 2 miles away from where I grew up and in the same neighborhood where my friends have their kids. The shooting left eight people, including two children shot before authorities were able to corner the suspect who was later found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
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Now as the community is trying to heal, the Oakland County sheriff's office has to inform the public that there may already be phony charities looking for donations on behalf of the shooting victims.
The scams have already begun as they announced in a Facebook post, warning, others not to fall for the scam. Oakland County Sheriff, Michael Bouchard said in a press release about how disgusted he is that they already have to warn residents about this:
“These bottom, feeding scumbags are praying off this tragedy. They have already shown their character. We are aware of any legitimate charity collecting donations for these families. I encourage anyone interested in donating to check with the sheriff's office first. If there are legitimate sites, we will let the public know.
Luckily, the Oakland County Sheriff's Department has tracked down a legitimate GoFundMe account which you can contribute to here. They also encourage people to avoid donating to anything or anyone in the name of victims unless they see it verified by the sheriff's office as legitimate.

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