One of the most well-known drug stores in the country may be in fear of shutting down for good. It’s never a good thing when a business announces that they’re closing dozens of locations in every state and that’s exactly what Rite Aid is doing.

Recently announced a bunch of closures, many of them in Michigan Alone. Customers have been unhappy as many of them prefer Rite Aid over Walgreens. One customer online and a comment section was even saying that they were instructed to go to Walgreens from someone at a Rite Aid that was closing.
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This kind of thing can be disheartening if people have a preference for one over the other, but soon there may not be a choice as they recently released a list of Rite Aid locations in Michigan that would be closing. Below are all of the locations that will soon be vacant in alphabetical order by city:
How will these closings impact you and do you also have a Rite Aid you fear maybe closing soon as well? After these stores close there will still be 174 Rite Aid locations throughout Michigan, so only roughly 10% of the MI locations will be shutting down. Still, it isn't a good sign.


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