Well hello, buddy. Today I want to tell you about a nice guy who lives in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and who has been going viral for quite some time now with his peaceful, calming, and rustic adventures in the U.P. His name is Fritz, but he goes by his creator name of Old Time Hawkey (Hockey).

OTH's videos feature several things, but mainly him cooking simple meals and treats in his small cabin, while enjoying classic video games on a tiny television. He truly is living his most simple and best life possible, as he already has hundreds of thousands of followers.

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He also has a cookbook that you can check out on his website, which also gives you a brief look into this growing influencer's life, behind the camera:

Old Time Hawkey, comprised of Fritz and his two dogs, Donnybrook and Kris Draper, have gained a massive following online through their unique approach to...well, everything. Their videos have connected with millions, as they combine many of Fritz’s passions: outdoorsmanship, cooking, old-school movies, sweet dog antics, retro video games, and the Detroit Red Wings. Fritz, Donnybrook, and Kris Draper currently reside in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where all three strive to remain—as always—good boys.

Where Is Old Time Hawkey From?

We don't know exactly what city he lives in, but we do know he lives on the east side of the Upper Peninsula, as he mentions in the video below that his journey to Marquette is 2 hours west.

He makes it well known that he's a die-hard Wings fan, and I think this guy is exactly what the Detroit Red Wings need to get some end-of-the-season encouragement to make the playoffs. You can catch him at the occasional Wings game too, so keep an eye out, eh?

You can watch more of his cooking adventures here

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