For some people, baseball is the thing that ties everything together and is at the heart of many relationships. The love for professional sports teams is taken very seriously by some couples, so much so that when it comes time to pop the question, they do it in front of a jampacked crowd at their favorite sports team's home game.

The thing is, those proposals are quite a bit expensive, depending on where you are getting proposed and what sport. I recently did a little bit of a deep dive to find out how much it costs roughly to propose at a baseball game for the Detroit Tigers game and was shocked to find out, according to a recent graphic that Detroit Tigers only charge $75 to get an on-camera proposal.

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Teams like the Cleveland Guardians, however, charge $400 for this proposal, however, it comes with a benefit that no other team can claim according to

The Cleveland Indians are the only team that offers an on-field proposal on game day; for $400, you can pop the question on Progressive Field during one of their 15 games that feature post-game fireworks.

However, Comerica has a fun way of their own you can propose as well:

At Comerica Park, the Detroit Tigers' mascot, Paws, will approach your seat and conduct a "trivia contest" that ends with the proposal (cost: $50)

Do you know anyone, or have you ever been proposed to at a pro sports game? Do you think it's tacky or do love seeing people making it official?

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