It’s always tough having to see a part of your childhood being torn down and raised in order to make room for something new. For me in Rochester Hills, it was seeing the closing of the Four Bears Waterpark in the early 2000s that was a true heartbreaker.

I think we can all trace our childhood back to one kind of amusement park, and such was the Pirate's Park, in Flint, Michigan. What was once a bustling gathering place for kids to go go-karting, hang out and bumper boats, and even go down the 420-foot tall water slide. It also had concessions batting cages, an arcade, and a mini putt putt golf course.

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These are the kinds of places we grew up going to and sadly, this place only lasted 20 years having opened up in 1991 and closing in 2011. Although the public hoped to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to restore the park, those plans fell through.

Now all that is left is a bulldozer and the remains of the park being torn down as you can see in the video below.

What's Next For The Pirate's Park Property?

As our sister station in Flint pointed out, back in 2015 there was a developer who put a notice out that they planned on putting a hotel on the property, along with storage units and possibly an assisted living community, however, as of now there's no word if that's still the plan.

What are some of your favorite memories from Flint Pirate Park?

Abandoned Pirates Park, Flint