Local police arrest woman who stole Amish horse and buggy from Walmart parking lot in Sturgis.

The small Southern Michigan town of Sturgis is no stranger to Amish horses and buggies.  Sturgis is less than 20 miles from a large Amish community in Shipshewana, Indiana.  Therefore, you'll see Amish shopping in Sturgis all of the time.  However, what you don't see all of the time is people stealing their transportation. Around 5:30 in the afternoon a truck driver contacted the police when he saw a woman take off with the Amish horse and buggy after the Amish family went inside Walmart to shop.  The police soon found the stolen horse and buggy near a local motel where they also found the suspect according to the Sturgis Journal,

The 31-year-old woman, whom police reported having contact with earlier in the day, was arrested without incident and lodged at the St. Joseph County Jail.

Sturgis Walmart
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The Sturgis Department of Public Safety isn't horsing around as the suspect is now facing charges of larceny and larceny of livestock.  The suspect is awaiting arraignment in the St. Joseph county pen.  The suspect's name has not been released at this time.

Plan on visiting Amish country?  Just a heads up, stealing their horse and buggies is frowned upon.  Hopefully, that goes without saying.  However, here are a few pointers to help you along your next Amish country adventure.

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