Spring has finally sprung! As someone who hates the cold, it's been a long miserable winter. I can't wait to get outdoors and get back to exploring all the places that I have yet to cross off of my Michigan bucket list.

Many of these destinations on my list happen to be in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and I didn't make it up there once last year. I know, it's shameful-- please don't take my "Michigander" card!

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I'm ready to hit the road and make the trek "Up North". If you're in a similar situation, here are some items on my bucket list that might help inspire your next Pure Michigan road trip.

8 Destinations to Visit This Spring in Michigan's U.P.

Spring has finally sprung. It's time to get out of the house and explore Pure Michigan! Here are some must-see destinations to consider for your visit to the Upper Peninsula this spring.

Pure Michigan is beautiful no matter the time of the year, but I'm anxious for things to start thawing out. Which destinations are on your bucket list this spring?

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