Jelly Roll kept his promise!

After a sold out performance at Pine Knob earlier this year, rumors started flying that the "Need a Favor" artist would soon return to make a special appearance for the inmates at Michigan's Genesee County Jail.

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The rapper, whose real name is Jason DeFord, was fresh off a Best New Artist win at the Country Music Awards and a Grammy nomination so when I first heard these rumors I figured it was a nice thought, but didn't have much faith that it would actually happen.

Well, I couldn't be happier to be wrong.

jelly roll michigan jail via TikTok

Genesee County Sherriff Chris Swanson said he'd been in touch with Jelly Roll and his management, spending nearly 5 months working to bring this special opportunity to reality.

Swanson formed the Genesee County Jail's INGITE program, which focuses on reversing the cycle of generational incarceration through education. That's why Swanson and the inmates felt it would be so special for the rapper to deliver the commencement address at the IGNITE graduation ceremony as the rapper, who also spent time behind bars, now uses his platform to advocate for inmate rehabilitation.

jelly roll michigan jail via TikTok

While the intimate visit was not open to media or the public, video of the rapper's visit to the Geneese County Jail on December 5, 2023 is now popping up on TikTok. Sherriff Swanson's official Facebook page also shared a photo confirming Jelly Roll indeed left his mark on the inmates!

Between touring, awards shows, interviews, studio time, and family time, I just figured Michigan would get lost in the shuffle. I'm sure Jelly Roll's visit will leave a positive, lasting impact on these graduates; something I hope they can use as motivation and inspiration as they continue to work hard to better themselves. Much respect to Jelly Roll.

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