This burglar was caught on video walking around a Columbus, Ohio house naked and singing in the shower after breaking in.

December 27th, 2023 was far from just a normal Wednesday in one central Ohio home.  It's worth noting, that burglars in Ohio just do things a bit differently.  The family that lives in the house was out of town for the Holidays when the suspect forced his way into the home.  The owner of the home found video footage of a stranger walking from room to room inside their home.  That man was completely nude.  He was seen going through the victim's record collection and even heard singing in the shower according to WDTN,

Police added that the burglary suspect threw a rock through the front window to get inside, and then forced open another five doors inside the home.

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Surprisingly, they have not caught this music-loving naked burglar. The Columbus Police Department is asking for anyone who may have any information about this crime or suspect to please call them at 614-645-2159, or send them an email.  A screenshot from the victim's security camera of the burglar in the buff can be seen on NBC 4's site by clicking here.

There's no information in the police report about what records the criminal was rocking out to.  Since he was wearing no clothing, we'll assume the Red Hot Chili Pepper's "Blood Sugar Sex Magik" was among the collection.

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