You had me at "brutalist modern."

This custom-built 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom Illinois home has just returned to the market since it sold last in February 2022. Apparently, the current owners purchased the home after it was featured on the lifestyle site Zillow Gone Wild-- and it definitely lives up to the hype!

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What is Brutalist Modern?

Let's start here because I have so many questions. According to Wikipedia, the brutalist architectural movement originated overseas in the 1950s in response to reconstruction projects in post-war England.

brutalism is a strict, modernistic design language that has been said to be a reaction to the architecture of the 1940s, much of which was characterized by a retrospective nostalgia

Essentially, this home looks like it could have been in the same neighborhood The Brady Bunch was living in.

Heather Owino, Keller Williams Success Realty/Zillow
Heather Owino, Keller Williams Success Realty/Zillow

4531 Tall Oaks Lane

The home itself is nestled on nearly half an acre of wooded land and includes a scenic multi-level wooden deck in the backyard and it even has a 2-story indoor pool area complete with a slide.

What really captured my attention was how many of the brutalist design elements include rounded features: rounded fireplace, 2-story rotunda, spiral staircase, and of course no mid-century modern home would be complete without at least one uniquely-shaped bed-- and this home has 2!

True, the house could use some updating but at only $584,900 this one-of-a-kind home is an absolute steal. Check it out:

"Brutalist Modern" Home Hits the Market in Illinois

The Mid-Century Modern home was first featured on the site Zillow Gone Wild and is back on the market at $584,900.

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