Ok, whoever painted this needs to go back to SCHOOL!

Let me start this off by saying Allegan is my hometown so of course it holds a special place in my heart. I also attended Allegan Public Schools which earned me the right to poke fun at their expense!

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Us Allegan residents got a good laugh when Evangelina Tange recently shared a photo to the Allegan County Informed Facebook group saying,

Just because it’s funny…had to stop and take this pic...the other day. Whoever re-painted this needs to go back to school

Oh the irony that a sign painted on the road to advise drivers of a nearby school is in fact, misspelled.

Well misplaced, technically. Check it out below:

Evangelina Tange, with permission
Evangelina Tange, with permission

Evangelina said workers had recently come to re-paint the faded road sign and were unaware of the error until she notified the City of Allegan. Unfortunately for us, the sign snafu has already been corrected-- but not before we all got a good chuckle out of it!

Here's what other Allegan residents had to say:

  • "Only in Allegan" - Samuel Berkin
  • "They had one job" - Yaya Vargas
  • "good ol public edukassion strikes again" - Casey Joe
  • "The person who painted it probably has dyslexia" - Mitch Hapner
  • 'I wonder if it was on purpose to get people to slow down?! If so, great strategy." - Sue Skiba
Google Maps
Google Maps

The road sign in question is located just past the intersection of Sherman St. and Vernon St. near West Ward elementary school but as I mentioned it was quickly corrected.

Also, what do you even call these signs painted on the road? It's a sign on the road, but is it technically a road sign? I've been searching the internet and have come up empty handed.

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