It's not a view the average Joe gets to see, and it certainly isn't your average home either. After all, this is the head coach of Michigan State Football we are talking about. I couldn't imagine anything less than grand.

From a barber shop to a golf course to a basketball court, Tuck has it all. If he has a swimming pool too, I do expect an invite sooner than later.

Look Inside Mel Tucker's Home

If your house looks anything like Tuck's does, we can be friends. While the outside is never shown, the inside itself explains what the outside must look like.

I can only assume that the front of the home is not shown to protect the coach and his privacy.

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While I cannot confirm this, it would only be fitting if the head coach's home lay somewhere in East Lansing, possibly in the White Hills neighborhood where other prominent coaches reside.

Sit back, grab a cold one, and maybe a basketball, and take a look into the head coach's home.

Take A Look Into The Home Of MSU Head Football Coach Mel Tucker

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