Drinking has been an American past-time at this point since the prohibition ended in the states. Back in its day too, you probably wouldn't have seen a ton of breweries, especially in the city of Jackson.

I recently discovered, one of four breweries of its time, down in Jackson. Take a look at some of the collectibles from the old brewery from when it was open for a brief period.

Forgotten Brewery Out Of Jackson, Michigan

This was a rather cool find of Jackson, Michigan history. It's rare to find a ton of products made for a company, especially one that wasn't opened for very long.

According to sources, the Haehnle Brewing Co. Inc., located in Jackson, Michigan was only open from 1934 to 1937.

Take a look at the finds from the short-lived Jackson area brewery below.

Check Out This Forgotten Brewing Company Out Of Jackson

Back in an era where drinking was outlawed at one point, take a look at this forgotten Jackson, Michigan brewery, better known as Haehnle Brewing Company. The company was only owned for a few years, however, it was one of four brewing companies in its time. Take a look at the forgotten company, below.

Some of these finds were interesting. For its time and briefly lived life in the Jackson community, this is a rare and very interesting find.

Jackson's Downtown Store Signs, Closeup: Early 1900s

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