Listen, I'd like to say this shocks me, but it truly doesn't! I grew up in a small town where we would constantly have sheep on the loose. On top of that, we would then post in a Facebook group as to where those sheeps were.

This however, is rather intriguing!

Watch: Cow Caught By Man On Horse In Michigan

It was something I wasn't expecting to see, and didn't even realize it was Michigan until I saw the notorious Michigan State Police car in the shot!

Credit: Michigan State Police via Facebook
Credit: Michigan State Police via Facebook

The stop sign on the hood was my biggest indicator.

What I thought would be another crime tok ended up being a cowboy tok at the end of the day.

See the suggested video below:

@charlesgray59_ @macombcountyscanner #michigancheck#i75#oaklandcountymichigan#fyp♬ original sound - Charles Gray
The video was recorded in Macomb County, and I truly believed for a hot second, that the officer was about to pull over a driver on I-75. I never expected to see a cow come out of the ditch to the right, along with a man on a horse chasing after the cow.
To be entirely honest too. This probably isn't the weirdest thing I've ever seen here on the Michigan roadways, but it is definetly up there! 
What is one of the strangest things you've seen on the Michigan roadways? Open up our free app and send us a message today, telling us what you've seen on the Michigan backroads. 
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