The ever-popular, though controversial, Amazon Prime series The Boys has a new character joining the fold who looks like a major player throughout season 4 from here in Michigan.

Jessica Bradley, better known by her 'supe' name Sister Sage (portrayed by actress Susan Heyward) made a name for herself as a super hero in Detroit. She's the second supe to be tied to the Motor City in the show, as Nubian Prince (a parody of Black Panther) was referenced in season 1.

Sage's super power is effectively supreme intelligence, making her the smartest person on the planet. Her character appears to be a parody of Marvel's Master Menace.

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The Boys wiki details her abilities as:

  • Superhuman Intelligence
    • Empathic Accuracy
    • Hypercognition
  • Regenerative Healing Factor
  • Superhuman Hearing

She's also described as an advanced engineer with a photographic memory.

Of course, being the smartest person on the planet makes her a valuable asset within the context of the show, and so, the fate of The Boys could be decided by Michigan's most famous "superhero".

The remainder of this article will contain spoilers for the first three episodes of The Boys season 4.

Sage is introduced in the show as a candidate to fill out vacant spots on Homelander's team "The Seven", with her credentials and abilities listed. A-Train mentions he teamed with Sage in the Teen Titans parody Teenage Kix, but she didn't last with the team for very long.

It's not specified if Teenage Kix had any dealings in Detroit, though.

Still, Homelander saw the value of Sage and found her in her apartment wearing a Palace of Auburn Hills t-shirt, presumably in Detroit, to recruit her to his cause.

Early on, it appears Sage shares Homelander's interests with Supes having less restrictions as superior beings to average humans. She's established as a strong character by being one of the few who can tell Homelander, the show's primary villain, what to do without consequences.

Of course, Sage has also displayed an air of arrogance that could get her into trouble if she's looking to outsmart Homelander in the end. Still, she could also fall prey to her own exhaustion from being the smarter person on the planet as she's been shown to lobotomize herself as a means of recreational relief from her powers.

Either way, she makes for an intriguing character to help pull the strings of the story along and should have a massive impact on the outcomes of season 4, the penultimate season of the series.

Whether or not she has the staying power to influence the final season in season 5, of course, remains to be seen.

As a bonus for fans of The Boys, Laz Alonso, the actor portraying Mother's Milk, is also from Detroit. Check out some other Michigan celebrities in the gallery below.

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