A quality steak can be hard to come by at many restaurants across the country. A lot of the big national chains will sell you a steak that is often smaller than advertised and likely not cooked properly to order.

It's the risk you run, but it's tough to justify at a higher price point than most of the other items on the menu.

Knowing where to go for that steak dinner is the real battle, but often times it's in the most unlikely places.

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Cheapism recently published a list of the best "Under-the-Radar" steakhouses in each state and their choice for Michigan certainly looks like a prime choice.

Cheapism named Harbor Springs restaurant Vernales as the state's best under-the-radar steakhouse citing their use of local ingredients and "steak enhancements" as great reasons to check this place out.

Vernales may be under the radar due to its age and singular location more than anything. They opened in 2014, but within a decade have been recognized as one of Michigan's best steakhouses on a few occasions.

The restaurant is located between Petoskey and Harbor Springs along M-119 overlooking Little Traverse Bay. But even with a single location, Vernales offers three different dining experiences in the Sports Bar, Wine Cellar and Chophouse which all share the same menu. So you're bound to get great food no matter what vibe you're feeling that day.

But whether you're pairing your steak with wine, seafood or whatever sports are in season, the steak is the main event you're there for. Six choice cuts ranging from two 4 oz. fillets to a 30 oz. bone-in ribeye known as the Tomahawk grace an extensive menu.

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