In the age of the internet, it's hard to imagine a business being hidden in any capacity. Most people search for where they are going these days, so it'd be impossible to conduct a productive business with no visibility.

Still, going to your bar is the best, especially if the crowd is just right. It's popular enough to pick up some steam, but quiet enough to go under the radar for everyone else out of the loop.

Naturally, disclosing the best "hidden bar" undoes some of the work to stay under the radar. But hey, the best hidden bar in Michigan does have a website and a quick Google search does yield plenty of results.

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Cheapism chose the best hidden bars in each state across the country and their choice for Michigan is Ann Arbor's The Last Word. To completely break the "hidden bar" moniker, The Last Word is located at 301 W Huron St in downtown Ann Arbor.

The Last Word focuses on classic cocktails and whiskey options, but the drink menu is laid out like a book - so there are plenty of beverage options. They also sport a full kitchen offering entrés such as jambalaya and short rib poutine.

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