Sometimes acronyms work really well and other times they have to be avoided at all costs. Schools and universities have to be particularly careful that their acronyms don't translate into a vulgar word or other uncomfortable acronyms.

We all certainly remember Central Michigan University's hilarious keyboard stickers that when applied failed to spell out CMU and instead visually ordered another word that you (probably) wouldn't want pointed out on a keyboard.

Well, a similar situation went viral on TikTok recently, again involving a university in Michigan.

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Of course, if you've ever heard of the Christian University of Michigan, you'd know their acronym would be quite vulgar and certainly not befitting of a Christian institution. You'd think they'd be hyper-aware of abbreviating their initials and pasting them in huge bold letters on a sweatshirt. But one TikTok video is all it takes to show that wasn't the case.

The comment section of that video really stepped up, saying the school should come out with a towel set too.

Of course, those comments also mentioned other schools such as Friends University of Central Kansas, Catholic University of North Texas and South Harmon Institute of Technology.

Two of those schools aren't real though, and Friends University, while located in "Central Kansas" is just Friends University - though, they still shouldn't abbreviate their name regardless.

So is the sweater a joke? It sure is. As the user Harmony Blake says, you can't find the school's website to buy the sweater -- because there's no such thing as Christian University of Michigan.

A quick Google search for the school will lead you to Christian organizations at the University of Michigan and Christian colleges in the Mitten State like Calvin University and Hillsdale College.

The sweater is real though, and you can buy it and other variations of the "school's" merch from several online websites.

Some of the comments under the viral video allude to the sweater being a reference to Concordia University Ann Arbor, but there doesn't appear to be a real connection between the merch and the school.

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