I don't play the lottery that often, only when the Powerball or Mega Millions is around a billion dollars or so.

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But after hearing about a Jackson, Michigan woman whose now a Millionaire after stopping to get a car wash I'm thinking about playing more often.

Here's the story of how stopping for a car wash led to a woman becoming a millionaire.

Michigan Woman Becomes Millionaire After Getting A Car Wash

Louise Adams of Jackson, Michigan is 77 years young and said that she doesn't buy a lottery ticket that often but is glad that she recently decided to buy one while stopping at Kelly’s Express Mart to get a car wash.

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After buying the Mega Millions lottery ticket for the March 26th drawing Louise Adams ended up matching all five white numbers which were 07-11-22-29-38.

She looked up those winning numbers online and saw that she matched the five white numbers but didn't know how much money she had actually won, turns out it was a lot.

Michigan Woman Wins Lottery After Car Wash
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Louise Adams shared with Mlive about how she found out she was a millionaire

“I took the ticket to a retailer, and the worker looked at it, wrote something on a piece of paper, and then slipped the paper across the counter to me. When I looked at it and saw $1 million written down, I was speechless! Winning truly feels like a miracle.


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