The 2023 College Football season kicks off Saturday, Aug. 26, and while many memorable moments are guaranteed for fans this year, the most unique part of the game might be going down on the team roster.

From General Booty to Braxton Hicks, we've scoured the rosters to find the most memorable player names for the upcoming season.

1. Dude Person

Defensive Back, University of Central Arkansas

2. General Booty

Quarterback, Oklahoma

3. Memorable Factor

Linebacker, Duke

4. Rowdy Beers

Tight End, Florida International University

5. Parker Titsworth

Offensive Lineman, Ohio

6. Decoldest Crawford

Wide Reciever, Louisiana Tech

7. Moh Bility

Defensive Back, University of North Texas

8. Storm Duck

Defensive Back, Louisville

9. Pig Cage

Linebacker, University of Texas at San Antonio

10. Major Burns

Defensive Back, LSU

11. Da'Realyst Clark

Wide Receiver, Defiance

12. Phat Watts

Wide Reciever, Tulane

13. Gunnar Gundy

Quarterback, Oklahoma State

14. Miles Davis

Running Back, BYU

15. Bear Old

Offensive Lineman, Montana State

16. Kool-Aid McKinstry

Defensive Back, Alabama

17. Kavosiey Smoke

Running Back, Colorado

18. Smoke Harris

Wide Reciever, Louisiana Tech

19. Jam Miller

Running Back, Alabama

20. Jaxson Dart

Quarterback, Ole Miss

21. Jaden Muskrat

Offensive Lineman, Auburn

22. Squirrel White

Wide Reciever, Tennessee

23. Rick McBroom

Offensive Lineman, Texas

24. "Inky" Jones

Safety, Ohio State

25. Trey Smack

Kicker, Florida

26. Mookie Cooper

Wide Reciever, Mizzou

27. Taco Dowler

Wide Reciever, Montana State

28. Marcello Bussey

Wide Reciever, Memphis

29. Bubba McAfee

Safety, Clemson

30. Braxton Hicks

Safety, Georgia

31. Peanut Houston

Wide Reciever, Mizzou

32. Fish McWilliams

Defensive Lineman, UAB

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