Yellowstone star Cole Hauser was caught doing something very un-Rip Wheeler like recently. Watch the actor get down as a band plays Charlie Daniels Band's "The Devil Went Down to Georgia."

Video shared on TikTok indicates that Hauser was taking part in an event surrounding Rodeo Houston at the time he caught the fever. It may have been his scheduled, multi-day appearance at the Ranch, where a photo with him costs upward of $2,500.

He's just bopping along at first, but then the video cuts to find Houser on stage with the band. Before long, his hat is off — the video wraps at that point, but we're not forgetting this moment.

Through five seasons of Yellowstone, Hauser's Rip Wheeler has been the ultimate tough guy. He's as likely to be caught dancing as he is cry. Violence is his go-to move, so it's refreshing to see the actor separate himself from the character during his down time.

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Of course, Hauser's appearance means he's not filming the remainder of Season 5 of Yellowstone. That was set to begin this month, but Puck and several outlets report that filming has been pushed indefinitely until Kevin Costner's commitment can be finalized.

Once thought to begin in the summer, Season 5 of Yellowstone now seems likely to resume in the fall.

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