McDonald's has revealed its futuristic kid sibling: CosMc's. The first of what is expected to be many new stores opens in December to serve anyone looking for a quick energy hit.

  • McDonald's officially revealed CosMc's in a press release at its website on Wednesday.
  • The CEO also spoke to media to explain a new beverage-led concept designed to "boost your mood into the stratosphere."
  • The fast-food chain also announced they wanted to add 10,000 namesake stores by 2027.

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What Is CosMc's?

CosMc's isn't a restaurant, per se. It's more of a pit stop for a quick sip of something sugary and/or caffeinated. Think Tim Hortons, but with a much more dynamic set of options and more colorful branding. The new chain is really leaning into the universal appeal (dad joke intended):

What Will CosMc's Serve?

The next time you're craving a churro frappé, blueberry ginger boost or popping pear slush, find your local CosMc's. The new chain is beverage-heavy, with coffee-based beverages, lemonades and teas anchoring the menu.

CosMc's will also serve food, including never-before-served treats like the McPops, in addition to the creamy avocado tomatillo sandwich and spicy queso sandwich. McFlurrys and Egg McMuffins will make the jump from Micky D's to CosMc's, but there's not much to eat for the most health-conscience consumer.

It's also aimed at the mid-afternoon snack club who often choose Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts.

attachment-mcdonald's cosmc menu

Where CosMc's Is Located:

Right now, CosMc's is only located in Chicago. Actually, the first store is set for a suburb of Chicago called Bolingbrook, Ill., but McDonald's CEO Chris Kempczinski says 10 more locations will open in Texas in 2024.

What the Heck Is a "CosMc"?

Several media outlets report that Kempczinski says the CosMc's name and theme is part throwback, part futuristic experiment. It's centered on this question: "What would happen if a McDonald's character from the 1980s that was part alien, part surfer, part robot opened a restaurant today?"

They'd serve turmeric spiced lattes, apparently.

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