Matt Jordan is happily married to wife Jenna, and the couple have been blessed over the years with three children. However, the St. Louis native can still remember a day when life looked awfully different from the blessed life he lives today.

“I have no complaints,” Jordan tells Taste of Country in a recent interview.  “I have a beautiful family and a great life. I wouldn't actually want to be 17 again. But if I can go back for a day or a week, that would be kind of nice, you know?”

It’s that nostalgic idea that serves as the lyrical backbone of his new single “Love Was Enough.” Premiering exclusively on Taste of Country and delivered with that Eric Church sort of grit that Jordan has long been known for, “Love Was Enough” tells the story of experiencing love in its most innocent form.

“This is another one that I wrote with my buddy Jarrett Hartness,” explains Jordan, whose recent releases have included “Your Town,” “Boulder” and “The Good Fight.”

“We both had a handful of different lines about being young and innocent, and we were sort of at that age where you are thinking about that stuff.”

Nevertheless, Jordan admits that the two songwriters did creatively wrestle with the song a bit before finally hitting on what they wanted to say.

“Basically, when you are 17 years old, it really does feel like love is enough and the person you're with is the only person you're ever going to need,” he says of the song produced by Grammy-nominated producer Sal Oliveri. “You know everything there is to know. And obviously that isn't true," he adds with a laugh. "But the idea of the song was to capture the freedom and the innocence of thinking that those things are true.”

Capturing that feeling in the lyrics came in several different forms, including specific mentions from years past.

“When you write, you don't want to be so specific that you lose people, but you also don't want to be so generic that people can't relate,” Jordan says. “We included a mention of cheap Boone's Farm, but for somebody else, that could have been Smirnoff Ice," he adds with another laugh.

"We just wanted to include something they were drinking at that time. It was just kind of a way to pull people in and let them make the story their own.”

“Love Was Enough” will live on the deluxe version of Jordan’s current album The Gamble, which is set for release on Feb. 17.

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