Entrepreneur, consultant and event planner Angela Proffitt is grieving the death of Kyle Jacobs -- hit Nashville songwriter and husband to Kellie Pickler -- and she honored his memory by sharing a powerful story of a lesson Jacobs taught her when she employed as the couple's wedding planner.

Back in 2011, Pickler and Jacobs tied the knot in a decidedly unorthodox way: After busily working to put together a glamorous Nashville wedding, they decided to scrap their plans and elope to Antigua. There, they got married while wading in the ocean, in a decidedly minimalist ceremony that didn't even have a guest list.

"We didn't have anything but us and God and our minister," Pickler told People at the time, "and I can't think of a word that can quite describe how perfect it was."

In her remembrance, Proffitt says that Pickler and Jacobs' wedding was unique from her perspective, too. "There's not many weddings I've been part of where, spiritually, you felt like you were part of it. I've never planned a wedding in the middle of the ocean. The creativity and the thoughts -- he was such a brilliant, creative, talented songwriter and singer. First, he's such an awesome person. He's one of the kindest humans I've ever met," she details in an emotional video on TikTok.

Proffitt also shared the words Jacobs told her following the ceremony. "I just remember him saying, right after the wedding, 'I felt like I'd been baptized in the beautiful, crystal blue water with the love of my life,'" she continues. "It really was magical."

Jacobs died in an apparent suicide at the couple's Nashville home on Friday (Feb. 17.) He was 49 years old, and had celebrated a major career success just a day before, sharing a social media post about Lee Brice's Hey World album achieving platinum status.

As she concluded her tribute post, Proffitt emphasized an important lesson she's taking from Jacobs' tragic death. "All the more reason to keep spreading the message of being present and choosing your time wisely," she reflects. "You never know what tomorrow holds or what the next hour holds."

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