Jelly Roll is one of the biggest breakout stars in country music over the past two years, after spending much of his youth and early adulthood in jail and prison. But in a surprising new interview, the "Halfway to Hell" singer admits that in some ways, he found prison easier to deal with than his newfound celebrity status.

Jelly Roll appeared on The Howard Stern Show on SiriusXM on Wednesday (June 12). The rapper-turned-country superstar spent years of his early life behind bars as a result of his involvement in drugs and drug dealing, and he agreed with Stern when the host pointed out that for someone who faces long-term incarceration, "in some ways, prison or jail or juvey or whatever becomes more of a home than your home."

"Yeah, it's safe. There's a sense of safety there," Jelly Roll admits. "When you were in the streets, there was no safety. Anything could happen at any time. It's a constant wild card. It's anything goes."

"Rule No. 1 of the streets is there are no rules. Rule No. 2 is, don't forget No. 1," he adds.

"Which world is easier to navigate for you — the world of prison, or the world of celebrity?" Stern asks.

"Prison," Jelly Roll answers without hesitation. "So much easier."

"So much easier because you know how to function in a jail, you know what to do," Stern observes. "But now when you're backstage and someone says Paul McCartney wants to meet you, that's new territory."

"That's new territory," Jelly Roll agrees. "You p--s yourself a little bit," he adds with a laugh. "Just a small dribble."

Elsewhere in the interview, Jelly Roll told the hilarious story of how he tried to outrun the police at age 15 while he was high on Xanax -- which didn't quite turn out the way he envisioned.

"I was the worst criminal ever," he admits with a laugh. “My successfulness of running from the police was zero in 20.”

Jelly Roll just scored his fourth No. 1 hit in a row on Billboard's Country Airplay Chart with "Halfway to Hell. His upcoming 2024 Beautifully Broken Tour is one of the most-anticipated country tours of the Summer of 2024.

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