For months now, Jelly Roll and his wife Bunnie Xo have kept fans updated on Bunnie's dad as he battles Stage 4 cancer.

Many have gotten invested: Whole swaths of the country singer and his podcaster wife's fanbase are pulling for the man they've come to know as Bill or "Billcephus," and according to Bunnie's latest update, all that support is paying off.

  • Bunnie first introduced her dad to fans in late summer 2023, when she learned he had Stage 4 cancer.
  • She moved Bill from his home in Houston to Nashville so that he could be close by, and so that she could help him pursue new courses of treatment.
  • Bunnie has provided updates on Bill whenever she has the emotional bandwidth to address such a painful topic. In her latest update, she shared that he has officially moved to hospice care.

But two months after moving to hospice care, Bill's condition has improved markedly — in a new update posted to TikTok, Bunnie even says that he's "healing."

That video shows Bill more relaxed, alert and healthy than he's been in some time, with Bunnie behind the camera prompting him to provide an update on how he's feeling.

"Much better, much better. Every day is better than the last," he says, offering a small smile.

Bunnie also notes that Bill has gained some weight — about 10 or 15 pounds, by his estimation — and that the color has come back into his face.

"What do you think about all the ladies online who think you're hot stuff?" Bunnie asks her dad in the clip.

"Hahaha, very funny," Bill says, going on to express his gratitude for those who've taken an interest in his health. "I appreciate that."

Bill kept his cancer journey private for a year, telling only his wife as he worked to heal himself through holistic remedies. But after the cancer progressed to his bone marrow, making it difficult for him to walk, eat or hug his loved ones, he finally reached out to his daughter about his diagnosis.

The improvements he's seen in his health have come at a particularly special time, since Bunnie celebrated her birthday on Monday (Jan. 22.) Jelly celebrated her special day with a lengthy message of love, describing his wife as "the anchor to our family."

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