Way back on March 24th, the Michigan Beer & Wine Wholesalers Association, Midwest Independent Retailers Association and Michigan Retailers Association issued a press release that advised Michigan retailers to "no longer accept empty containers of beer, wine and soda" during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Later that day most stores stopped accepting everyone's empties.
So, here we are a month later and it seems that empty cans and bottles are starting to take over parts of people's houses and/or garages. There's certainly proof of that in the pictures below. And with the stay home, stay safe executive order still in place for at least a week (most likely even longer) the piles are only gonna get bigger. Plus, we all know that the return machines don't work half the time when you try to recycle them, so we have that to look forward to when this is all over, too. But the good news is that from the looks of some of the piles in the pictures, some of you are gonna be rich! Check out the pictures below to see what some other people's piles look like. It's also a great way to be nosy and see what other people are drinking. :)

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Garages & Basements Full Of Empty Cans & Bottles


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