In New York - the epicenter of COVID-19 in this country, gyms will be opening up by September 2nd. Some will be opening up on August 24th. In Michigan? Good question. But it might happen, soon.

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Right now, gyms up north are open and some gyms in southern Michigan have the capacity for outdoor workouts (some are stretching the definition, but....) and Governor Whitmer has hinted that open gyms down here. According to ClickOnDetroit, she said,

I would like to get some people back in the gyms. We’re just trying to make sure that we’ve got the protocol to keep people safe.


Ah.There's the rub. What's the protocol going to be to keep people "safe"? My sources tell me she might be visiting some gyms soon, to see what they have planned. In New York, the plan is to limit gym capacity to 33% and require masks at all times. Pretty tough to go all out with your cardio stuff when you're wearing a mask.

But, soon, you might get a chance to work off that five months of pandemic.

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