Hot mics. You always gotta watch out for hot mics. Is that some kind of food? Absolutely not.

A hot mic is a mic that is "on". That is simply it. But a hot mic can be a real issue when it picks stuff up that you are saying and other people hear it. Especially if you don't want them to hear it. Yep my friend, that can be a real problem. And it can cause real problems, too.

I'll let you in on a little secret. A peek behind the curtain if you will. When you become a broadcaster, you are told that you need to conduct yourself when you are around microphones in a manner that will not compromise yourself or your employer or cause an problems with the FCC. In other words, you always need to act as if the mic is always on, no matter what. Like they tell you with firearms, you should always operate as if the gun is loaded, whether it really is or not. It's safer that way. What the mic thing means for broadcasters is this:

Don't cuss around microphones or cameras, ever. Because they could be on...and then there's gonna be a problem. Especially don't say the really bad cuss words. Which cuss words are the really bad ones? That's easy. Those are the cuss words that you wouldn't utter around your Mother because she would either blanch or become very angry because you have a foul mouth.

Those words.

So anyway according to News 10, the latest hot mic controversy has something to do with the president of the University of Nebraska being caught saying there could be an announcement about the Big Ten football season tonight.


We'll see. And in the meantime check out the story on the News 10 website.

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