The last year was so challenging for everyone with the pandemic. That can make us forget about some of the other big issues going on around us.  Things like the homeless, our own family issues, the increasing drug problems around us, and lets not forget the increase in domestic violence cases.

According to The Michigan Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence, says the 73 shelters it works with across the state, has seen a huge increase in victims of domestic, and sexual violence.

Executive Director Sarah Prout Rennie says; it's all real desperate. Where we’re at is we need massive investment in domestic violence shelters and sexual assault shelters to be able to prep ourselves for what we know is coming.

Here is an idea of how bad it is getting. up until the month of October, they got in the neighborhood of 1,300 calls on its helpline. Then in the next few months they received another 1,200 plus calls.  And to top it off in January, it had 1,000 calls for domestic and sexual violence assistance.  This is insane, the numbers re going the wrong way. We have to find ways to help all these victims. It's heartbreaking

Also upsetting is Michigan does not have any new plans for 2022, says Kurt Weiss, state budget office spokesman. There is however a $500,000 allocation to create a confidentiality program that will  help survivors of abuse keep their personal information safe.

If you suspect, or know anyone experiencing domestics abuse, you can get help at here at, or call 855-444-3911. 

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