Remember the good old days when we didn't have smartphones and video games and we all went outside and played games? Anything from baseball to kickball to football and more.

Now don't get me wrong, I love my smartphone just as much as anyone else but the old days were good too.

Well according to WLNS-TV if you are 21 and over and you are looking to get fit, stay in shape or just have some fun then MiLife Sports may be something you would like to check into. What is MiLife Sports you ask? I'm glad you did because I didn't know either. But now I do and it sounds pretty cool.

MiLife Sports is a bunch of 21 and over adult co-ed leagues that may be something you would like to check into. We're talking leagues for kickball (a personal favorite), basketball, softball, volleyball, soccer, dodgeball (yet another personal favorite), football and more.

Get more information on how you can get more active here from the WLNS-TV website.

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