The National Hockey League (NHL) and the Detroit Red Wings announced on Wednesday a revised schedule for the remainder of the 2021-22 regular season due to COVID-19 issues and the fact that NHL players won't be playing in the upcoming Winter Olympics in Beijing, China.

The Red Wings will make up the four games they missed in December due to COVID-19 issues and the January 18th game at the Philadelphia Flyers in February.  The Olympic break was originally scheduled from February 3rd-23rd.  But with no NHL players heading to China, the league will use the break to make up the nearly 100 games missed during the season so far.

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As for the Wings, their game scheduled for December 20th at home against Colorado will be made up on February 23rd.  The Detroit at Minnesota Wild game, scheduled for December 23rd, will now be played on February 14th.  The Detroit at New York Rangers game, originally set for December 27th, will now be played on February 17th.  The Red Wings game at the New York Islanders, originally set for December 29th, will be played on March 24th.  And the game at the Philadelphia Flyers (originally on January 18th) will now be played on February 9th.

In addition to those five changes, three other games were moved around.  The home game against Philadelphia was moved from February 23rd to February 12th.  The Toronto at Detroit game on April 26th was moved up two months to the day, February 26th.  And the Detroit at Toronto game, set to be played on February 26th, was moved back two months to April 26th.

The Red Wings are 18-17-5 on the season, or 41 points.  They host the Dallas Stars on Friday night.

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