Wow, thinking back a little over a year ago all those concerts, festivals and fairs being canceled was truly hard to swallow.  What a difference a year makes. The lineup of concerts now is amazing and frankly, it will hard to squeeze all we want to see in our calendar. That is a good problem to have though, with all we have been through with the pandemic.  So let's get out and enjoy ourselves because Michigan has so much to offer this summer, and there is a good event next weekend to check out in Ann Arbor.

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This Art Fair Is Huge

Very cool that the Ann Arbor Art Fair is back this year  The fair, which is 30 city blocks along beautiful downtown Ann Arbor includes talented artists from across the country. So get ready the fair is from July 15th through July 17.

We are excited to again be able to host artists and visitors to the Ann Arbor Art Fair,” said Karen Delhey, executive director of the Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair, in a press release. "While there will be some changes to this year’s fair, everyone can expect to see inspiring and amazing art in line with what they have come to expect year after year

Here Is What You Can See

Looking forward to going to this and checking out art from virtually every medium, like ceramics, digital art, drawing, fiber, glass, jewelry, leather, metal, 2D and 3D mixed media, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, and wood. Yep, there is something for everyone and that the whole family can enjoy.

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