Everybody in Michigan looks forward to spending time in the summer, up north, in their cottage or cabin - or as MLive calls it - a "seasonal home".

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Of course, people who don't actually own a place up north, still dream of spending time in one. But they can be expensive to own and maintain. But, sometimes you can find a friend who will let you stay in theirs, or you could rent one - or, you could just move into one when the owners close up for the fall and winter.

Jeffrey Donius, 55, of Shelby Township, was recently arrested after he scoped out a "seasonal home" in Charlevoix County and then, "moved the property owners’ belongings out of their house and moved his stuff in, changed the locks and even put a new mailbox up".

You do have to appreciate his thoroughness.

Here's the story. And if you need to find out what Jeffrey did with your remote - he's vacationing now at the Charlevoix County jail.

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