My Mother was a truly beautiful person. Not only in heart but also spiritually and she taught me a lot of things in her 93 years on this earth, even up to the day that she passed. Some things over the years were by actual instruction but also a lot of times it was just by watching and listening and being aware that you were witnessing how to be a better person. To be honest, some of it stuck and some of it didn't, but that was on me. I corrected my course as time went by and I can only hope that she would be proud today.

Mom, by some people's pre-COVID-19 standards would've been considered to have OCD, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Why? Well for the same reason that some have considered me to have the same thing...when she washed her hands, she washed her hands. And by either her teaching me or by watching (I'm not sure) I have always done the same thing. No, I didn't and don't do it constantly, but when the need arises to wash my hands, I've always done it in what is now considered the "correct" and generally accepted way of doing it in the post COVID-19 pandemic.

Yeah, I've even had some wise guys that I don't even know give me a hard time in public facilities for not just throwing my hands under the water and running out because I took a little longer to wash my hands.

I'll tell you in a minute how I brilliantly (in my opinion) handled that...

But back to the whole hand washing COVID-19 thing...We're all doing everything we can to not get the Coronavirus. According to, this is how you will get the Coronavirus and how you can keep from getting it.

Check the info out here from and stay safe my friend.

Oh have I handled those wise guys over the years who made fun of me for washing my hands for what they thought was a long time in public facilities? Here's the scenario...

Them: "Hey, are you washing your hands long enough?"

Me: Well, yes I think so...I'm a surgeon by profession. You might appreciate that I'm doing this some day..."

Them: Eyes get really wide...they get silent and walk away and dry their hands and leave...while never taking their eyes off of me while I'm just standing there and washing my hands...and smiling.

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