I think most of us can agree that Christmas is our favorite time of year. The time with family and friends, great smells coming from the kitchen with the cookies baking, sneaking a kiss from under the mistletoe and the the look on the kids' faces on Christmas morning. I have great memories of growing up with 8 brothers and sisters on the south side of Chicago.

So here's the question: how do we tell our kids about Santa and COVID-19? Maybe why it's not a good Idea to go to the mall to see him this year. Here's some good advice from 12 Tomatoes. We never had to deal with crazy times like this over the holidays when we were kids, and it's sad that ours have to.

There are  a lot of worries this year about the holidays. Mostly how do we all stay safe, have fun and enjoy all the holiday times we love.

The big question for kids this year is will Santa be wearing a mask when he comes down the chimney? The answer is yes. And of course maybe leave a bigger glass of milk and extra cookies for Santa this year since he will be working extra hard.

Let's not stress about it, and if you are, don't let your family know if you are stressing. We will get though it and have a great times even if it's a smaller gathering this year. We have FaceTime, Skype and a lot of ways to stay close to family over the holidays, so enjoy the time with your loved ones.

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