As a smoking meat enthusiast, I have joined many social media groups regarding smoking BBQ.  My wife says I have a "smoker" problem.  I only have 4 of them.  I tell her all the time, there are a lot of guys with several more than that.  In reality, I guess I really do have a smoking problem, not tobacco, but grills.

There is a running debate in the backyard grilling community regarding charcoal vs gas, however, the new debate seems to be even more intense and that would be pellet grill vs offset smoker (stick burner)  This debate is similar to arguing politics and can quite often result in an "unfriending" situation.  Yes, it's that intense.  The stick burner people,  in my opinion,  are the ones with the biggest attacks on the pellet grill pitmasters.  Even me calling pellet grill owners, pitmasters will stir up some emotions with the stick burner crowd!

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All that said, I own both.  I have offset stick burners and kettle grills as well as a pellet.  I enjoy both, but do admit, the pellet does NOT provide the same amount of smoke you can achieve on its offset smoking counterparts.  A pellet grill is jokingly called an outdoor easy bake oven, but sometimes I really like the idea of the "set it and forget it" approach if I don't have the time to sit all day and monitor a fire to hold temperature.

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There are a few options out there to achieve more smoke on a pellet grill.  Admittingly, I have not tried them but I am anxious to do so.  Some are rather inexpensive, but one option is a bit more spendy, but it sure looks to be maybe your best option to achieve more smoke on a pellet grill.

Here is what I found.

Ten Tips to get more smoke out of your pellet grill from the makers of Pit Boss, including

  • choosing the right cut of meat
  •  understanding the colder the better
  • setting your grill temperature 225 or lower
  • keep your lid closed during the cook,
  • let your meat rest

This could apply to all types of pellet grills.

You can also check out accessories to help achieve more smoky flavor from your pellet grill including smoke tubes and wood chip smoke boxes in stores which can also be used to achieve smoke on a gas grill.

This option seems to be the most promising that I have found but will run you about $100 and can apparently be used on any pellet grill. It's a smoking diffuser add-on to place over the auger on your pellet grill.

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