This morning we talked to Bob Hoffman and Tara Peplowski from the Wharton Center about how to get your tickets to see Hamilton later this year and most importantly how now to get scammed with your tickets. First of all, tickets for the shows at Wharton Center are NOT on sale yet. If you are seeing them for sale on any websites right now, you should seriously think twice (or three or four times) about buying those tickets. They most likely aren't legitimate.

Bob told us that truly your best bet to getting real tickets to see a Hamilton show at the Wharton Center in East Lansing is by going online to on Saturday morning, March 23rd at 10am when the tickets go on sale to the general public. Bob and Tara shared some other tips on how to get tickets for the show. Click the link below to hear some tips on how to get tickets from the gang at the Wharton Center. (For instance, did you know there's a Hamilton app?) You can also click here for more ticket information.

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