Everyone knows LEGO as the building blocks of youth. If you had LEGO, you could build all kinds of things. Forts. And forts. And forts. Okay, well some people's LEGO talents were limited.

Not so today. People are really creating some cool things with LEGO. Everything from life size Star Wars characters to all of those cool contraptions you see on LEGO Masters on Fox. Speaking of that, check out the photo in this article of the LEGO busts of Curt, Terry, Howie, Michael and Jimmy from Fox NFL Sunday that were used to promote LEGO Masters during the week of the Big Game in Miami.

Now, LEGO is jumping in to help out during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to USA Today, the company is now making protective visors for healthcare workers in Denmark. LEGO converted some of their machines to make this happen and are now manufacturing around 13,000 visors a day.

Check out the USA Today article here to see how LEGO is helping to make a difference during the pandemic and see the gallery below of some really cool LEGO creations.

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Gallery of LEGO Creations

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