There is a desperate need for masks for our first responders, healthcare workers, homeless shelters and others that work with vulnerable populations. MANY people in the Lansing area have stepped up and are making homemade masks. If you have any homemade masks and any unopened packages of gloves, cleaning supplies, N95 masks and other protective items that you would like to donate, here are the drop-off locations in the Lansing area.

Drop-off locations: 

  • Lansing Fire Department Station #8 - 815 N. Marshall Street
  • Lansing Police Department Operations Center - 5815 S. Wise Road
  • Lansing Police Department Downtown Headquarters - 120 W. Michigan Avenue

If you would like to start making masks, CLICK HERE to get some instructions and a mask pattern.

According to a press release from Mayor Andy Schor, “Lansing residents have stepped up to use their creative talents in a whole new way by producing masks for those that need them. “While N95 masks are the preference, they are in short supply. Many Lansing residents have reached out saying they’d like to use their fabric and time to sew masks. We are appreciative of their efforts and will accept these donations at our drop-off locations and then get them out to first responders, healthcare workers, homeless shelters and others working with vulnerable populations. Thank you to all of the incredible Lansing residents who are thinking outside-the-box to help those in need in our community as we navigate this COVID-19 pandemic".

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