When Harry Fee, a businessman from Adrian retired in 1926, he bought two hundred acres of land surrounding Hidden Lake. He intended to start farming the land, but due to its condition, he realized horticulture would be more rewarding than agriculture.

Realizing the competition with other nearby nurseries, Fee decided to create his own personal landscape scenes with flowers, brush and trees.

In 1945, ten years before he passed away, he donated this land to Michigan State University. Hidden Lake Gardens continues to add more detail and beauty to the land, and there is plenty to see: an arboretum, bonsai collection, conservatory, demonstration garden, dwarf conifers, glacial kettleholes, Hostas, and Hidden Lake itself.

Their sworn mission is to "preserve and enhance the natural beauty of the gardens and to display plants for the inspiration and education of the public".....and they prove it time and time again.

This year (2020), they anticipate construction of a 10-story, ADA-accessible treetop tower with a 700-foot canopy walk. This would be WAY cool to be able to walk above all the foliage!

Pay a long-overdue visit sometime this year and spend the entire day!
Located at 6214 Monroe Road (Hwy M-50), just west of Tipton.



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