The ban on baiting deer during hunting season in most of Michigan continues. The state House and Senate recently voted to pass a law that would've ended the ban, but Gov. Whitmer vetoed it. What's the next move for those in favor of baiting?

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Someone in Minnesota may have come up with the answer. According to the Star Tribune, a Canadian-Pacific train carrying a load of corn, dropped 900 bushels of corn on the tracks near Crystal, MN last week. That created a 2000-foot long, three-inch deep pile of corn on the tracks. In the southeastern area of the state, where they have a lot of restrictions on baiting deer.

The photos are spectacular. Some say the stretch of track looked like the "Yellow Brick Road" in the Wizard of Oz.

I say it looks like an all you can eat deer buffet. (If the raccoons didn't get it first)

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