I'm always amazed at the creativity some people have when building a snowman. Here are some of the biggest and most creative snowmen I could find.

I have built a few snowmen in my day but only got creative with a couple of them. My forte was elaborate snow forts. Some that were so warm you didn't need to wear a coat, you could stand in them, play games, and even had some sled runs you could use to get out.

50 of the Most Creative Snowmen

The next time you make a snowman and want to impress your children but may lack in a little creativity, here are 50 amazing ideas that may spark an idea for you at your house.

15 of the Biggest Snowmen

Some say bigger is better, but when making a snowman, bigger means a lot more work. Many of the snowmen that are built in the next video, heavy equipment were brought in to help make these magnificent pieces of art. One snowman is a full-size whale, there is a giant tortoise, there are giant size Star Wars characters and so many more. Plus the video shows how many of the snowmen were built.

Snowman Pranks

If you enjoy scaring people or seeing people scared, this is a hilarious video of a snowman that scares people. Most people who get scared in this video are pretty good sports about it but there are some that are not happy at all.

Best Snowman Designs

Some people are just creative and others are artists. If you think you have snowman-building skills, check out this next video that has some of the best snowman designs of all time. I will say the snowman using the iPhone is an instant classic.

How to Build the Perfect Snowman

Maybe you want to keep it simple and traditional but you still need a little help building a snowman. A family put together an excellent "how-to" video to help you out.

Now that you have some ideas and instructions, you have all the tools you need to build just about any type of snowman possible. I know I am going to borrow a few ideas from these videos to build a snowman or two with my son.

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