You see 'em. Every single Holiday Season.

While I don't know when it starts, I certainly know that I can depend on them being there, anywhere and everywhere during the Holidays. Just as it feel that they have been for all of my life.

The Salvation Army bell ringers. Collecting donations right there, wherever they may be for the charitable organization. You can put your monetary gift right there in the Red Kettle. In fact, the organization calls this time the "Red Kettle Season". It's a tradition that we've all gotten used to over the years.

In fact, during my radio career, I have been a Salvation Army bell ringer. A volunteer. A bunch of us volunteered one time because we thought it would be cool to ring the bell, while we were wearing station logo wear and see if we could drum up (or, ring up if you will) a few extra dollars for the Salvation Army. We did okay.

So I have to wonder now, with the ever looming COVID-19 pandemic, will be see Salvation Army bell ringers this year? I don't know. But what I do know now according to News 10, is if you like to support the Salvation Army, you will be able to make a difference tonight at 7 on Facebook. They will be holding their 3rd Annual Red Shield Benefit but this time it will happen virtually. This event will primarily benefit the Jackson Salvation Army so if you live in Jackson, are from Jackson or just like the charitable organization and want to help make a difference, then be sure to attend this event tonight.

Get more info here from the News 10 website.

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